Our research programmes and funding have enabled us to progressively build our collaborations year-on-year with academia in the UK and internationally, and also to strengthen our work with industry and the NHS in England. We have built extensive long-term academic collaborations.

For example, internally at the University of Lincoln we have active collaborations with the Lincoln International Institute for Rural Health, and the Schools of Social and Political Sciences, Sport and Exercise Science, Psychology, Computer Science.

In the UK we have active externally funded collaborations with the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Nottingham, Sheffield, Leicester, Warwick, Cardiff, Hertfordshire, Swansea, Anglia Ruskin, Manchester, Central Lancashire (UCLAN), Liverpool Edge Hill, Manchester Metropolitan, East Anglia, Aberdeen, Leeds, Surrey and Royal Holloway College. We also have UK collaborations with various bodies including the Royal College of General Practitioners, the National Centre for Rural Health and Care and the Association of Chief Medical Officers.

Internationally we set up in 2020 the UK Canada Emergency calls Data analysis and GEospatial mapping (EDGE) Consortium, co-led by CaHRU and including University of Lincoln (LIIRH and School of Geography) partners with McMaster University, Ontario, Canada, and also including University of Leicester, East Midlands Ambulance Service and Niagara Emergency Medical Services which aims to investigate the epidemiology of 999 ambulance attendances for ambulatory care sensitive conditions in the East Midlands and Canada; we also have had active collaborations within the past 5 years with Europe (University of Ghent; Norwegian Center for E-health Research, Tromso, Norway, Tallin University of Technology, Technomedicum, Tallin, Estonia; Hospital of Sežana, Sežana, Slovenia; Uppsala University, Department of Medical Sciences: Respiratory, Sleep and Allergy Research, Uppsala, Sweden; Facultat de Medicina, Universitat de Barcelona-IDIBAPS, Unitat Biofisica i Bioenginyeria, Barcelona, Spain; Politecnico di Milano, Dipartimento di Bioingegneria, Milano, Italy), Australia (University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland; University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia) and the US (Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL; Department of Sleep Disorders and Research Center, Henry Ford Health System, Detroit, MI).

Our links with industry include: Restech s.r.l., Milan, Italy, Elettronica Bio Medicale s.r.l., Foligno, Italy. Big Health, London.

We have also fostered close collaborations with the NHS. We have active collaborations with East Midlands, South Central, North West, South East Coast, South West Foundation, North West, Welsh and London Ambulance Services NHS Trusts and also with Lincolnshire Community Health Services and United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS TrustsWe continue to work with all the English Ambulance Services on multiple large scale studies including major trials. We led the implementation of a large scale regional collaborative of prescribing safety (Scaling up PINCER) involving 12 Clinical Commissioning Groups and 380 general practices across the whole East Midlands region which has led to significant reductions in potential prescribing errors

East Midlands Ambulance Service

National Ambulance Research Steering GroupNHS Lincolnshrie

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