Ian McGonagle presents at first Health Research Café

The research café is an informal environment where new researchers can present their research (at whatever stage it is at), to a peer group of researchers, and where a discussion in a relaxed, friendly environment can help to shape both the presenter and those in the audience views about all things ‘research’.  The first Health Research Café was held on 10th November.

Ian McGonagle at the first Health Research Cafe

And so it was with Ian McGonagle’s presentation to the group on his PhD study ‘The transfer of training from the classroom to the mental health practice setting’.  In his presentation Ian set the context of the research, went through some of the models that influence learning and how he intended to approach his research through the use of questionnaires at various time points in the study.  He explained that he also intends to use 3-5 case studies to examine the transfer of learning from the classroom to the practice setting. 

 Ian McGonagle’s Phd Study

Jo Middlemass, (Research Assistant, School of Health and Social Care) attended the first Research Cafe and commented:  “Not only did the excellent presentation generate a lot of questions and discussion that might help Ian to go forward with his research, but also as an audience participant I came away with an idea of how I could move forward with my own PhD.  

Outstanding, thought-provoking session.  Why don’t you give it a try?”


All Research Café’s take place between 1.00 and 2.00pm with refreshments available:

–        Wednesday 19th January, Meeting Room, 3rd Floor, Bridge House

–        Wednesday 23rd February, Seminar Room MB1007, Main Building

–        Wednesday 23rd March, Meeting Room, 3rd Floor, Bridge House

–        Wednesday 11th May, Seminar Room MB1007, Main Building 

–        Wednesday 22nd June, 3rd Floor,  Bridge House

If you would like to attend any of these sessions, please book with Natalie Pickles, npickles@lincoln.ac.uk or 01522 837736.

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