Improvement science and methods seminar series: experimental methods in health research

The latest seminar in the ‘improvement science and methods’ seminar series covered non-randomised experimental designs and was given by director of CaHRU, Niro Siriwardena.

The seminar included discussion of pre-experimental (uncontrolled before-and-after) designs and quasi-experimental designs such as time series, interrupted time series and non-randomised control group designs, including the advantages and disadvantages of these methods for quality improvement and complex interventions.

Presentation: ‘Experimental methods in health research’

A chapter on ‘Experimental methods in health research’ by Professor Siriwardena is also included in the recently published second edition of ‘Researching Health’, a textbook for health researchers.  The book includes qualitative and quantitative methods employed in researching health, contemporary issues such as research ethics, comparative research and the use of mixed methods, and how to disseminate health research.



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